BLOODHOUND SSC Our Contribution

Our Contribution: CleanBREAK

Our contribution to the BLOODHOUND SSC was to create the perfect solution for refueling the Super Sonic Car between runs with High-Test Peroxide (HTP) using our knowledge of dry disconnect couplings. The unique design of the car meant that we would face a challenge in space limitations and product compatibility. HTP is a very volatile liquid and in contact with a catalyst, it decomposes into a high-temperature mixture of steam and oxygen. How do you produce a simple design that eliminates the danger of this?

 Working adjacent with the team, we overcame these challenges by providing our CleanBREAK dry disconnect coupling from our dry break range.

 A 2” stainless steel hose and tank unit will be used to refuel the car. An inlet situated behind the seat was designed specifically for the tank unit to fit, giving direct access to the HTP tank. The hose unit is able to deliver 500 litres per minute, enabling the team to refuel the car quickly and efficiently with no spillage nor air and dirt inclusion.

The team at Action-Sealtite is delighted to be associated with such a groundbreaking project that displays remarkable engineering, vision and determination.