CleanBREAK Dry Disconnect Couplings

As used in the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car land speed record!

CleanBREAK is a high performance dry break coupling manufactured in the UK by Shand. We are proud to have exclusive representation in the United Kingdom and Eire for the CleanBREAK range of dry break couplings, and to have supplied this fitting into the Bloodhound SSC project.

Due to the various options available, CleanBREAK couplings are flexible enough to suit almost any application. The coupling provides virtually no spill so it is ideal for handling dangerous, toxic, valuable or unpleasant fluids and is suitable for a range of applications such as aircraft refuelling and bottom loading road and rail tankers, where exceptionally low spillage is vital. 

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CleanBreak 105mm Hose Unit by 1" Female BSP Thread Viton Alum



CleanBreak 105mm Hose Unit by 2.5" Female BSP Thread Viton 316L S/S



CleanBreak 105mm Hose Unit by 3" BSP Female Thread Viton Alum



CleanBreak 105mm Hose Unit by 3" Female BSP Thread Viton 316L S/S



CleanBreak 105mm Tank Unit by 2.5" Female BSP Thread Viton 316L S/S



CleanBreak 105mm Tank Unit by 2.5" Female BSP Thread Viton Alum



CleanBreak 105mm Tank Unit by 3" BSP Female Thread Viton 316L S/S



CleanBreak 105mm Tank Unit by 3" Female BSP Thread Viton Alum



CleanBreak 119mm Hose Unit by 3" Female BSP Thread Viton 316L S/S



CleanBreak 119mm Hose Unit by 3" Female BSP Thread Viton Alum



Showing 27 products

How to Use CleanBREAK?

CleanBREAK couplings are designed for the quick and virtually spill free connection and disconnection of hoses and pipelines. The self-sealing design of CleanBREAK couplings guarantees both the highest level of safety and also one of the quickest ways of connecting and disconnecting. CleanBREAK is a quarter turn fitting, and a twisting action opens and closes both valves. Both valves are either open or closed at once, meaning your media is safe.

Use CleanBREAK When Your Product

  • Is high in value
  • Would require costly cleaning in case of spillage
  • If the media is hazardous
  • There are environmental implications
  • It is expensive to reprocess or dispose of your media
  • Causes a potential health risk to operatives
  • Is prone to accidental spillage and product loss
  • Requires good flow rates

Basic Features

CleanBREAK spill prevention dry disconnects provide a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly method of transferring bulk liquids used in the majority of industries. There are many dry disconnects on the market however, Shand’s CleanBREAK offers a brand new design. It looks very different to other models and has been created with improved safety and efficiency in mind.

Some of the Features of CleanBREAK

  • The removal of cast components to reduce the porosity rate which has lead to an increase of working pressures
  • Ergonomic design for ease and safety when handling
  • Laser etched badging, which replaces screwed or riveted nameplates. This means a reduction in possible bacteria traps and additional snag edges
  • More compact profile making an ideal choice where size and space is an important factor
  • Tighter manufacturing tolerances ensure greater use with competitor products
  • An almost straight through connection to allow for a large flow area along with a minimal pressure drop
  • Minimal mechanical parts, machined from high quality solid or rolled bar
  • Interchangeable with other TEAM Spec couplings ™
  • Highest pressure ratings in the market
  • Lightest couplings in the market

About Shand

Shand have been designing and manufacturing couplings for hose and pipe systems and swaging machines for over 40 years. Its speciality is solving problems of hazardous or unpleasant products in extreme environmental and thermal conditions. Its extensive background and knowledge in the Oil & Gas Industry has helped to progress this range of couplings as a market leader.  

Please feel free to look at the different designs and style of CleanBREAK couplings on offer and get in touch with your requirements on +44 (0)1235 512500