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Six Fittings for an IBC Tank | Action Sealtite

Six Fittings for an IBC Tank

6 Fittings for an IBC Tank.png

Now you’ve learnt the key steps of how to measure an IBC fitting, we’re looking at six of the most popular types of IBC Tank adaptor fittings available. If you would rather watch us explain about these adaptors, visit Action Sealtite’s YouTube channel hosted by our very own, Carla. Or check out the video right here!

A Recap on How to Measure the IBC Tank Fittings

First of all, let’s recap how to measure the IBC Fittings. Remember that IBCs come in a variety of different sized threads including the S60X6, as well as S75X6, S92X4 and S100X8 (see below for a selection of the fittings).

As per our recent blog post (How to Measure IBC Container Fittings), there are two measurements you need to take into consideration when you’re measuring the thread on your IBC valve; the Outside Diameter (OD) and the Thread Pitch. 

To measure the outside diameter (OD), use a ruler (or vernier) to take the measurement across the outlet but always make sure the measurement includes the threads (see how to measure below). Due to the small scale of the threads, all the measurements are in millimetres and make up the first part of the thread ‘code’.

How to Measure an IBC Tank Valve OD

The pitch is the distance from a point on the peak of a thread to the same point on the next thread (see below), and, like the OD, all measurements are in millimetres and this figure is the second part of the thread code.

The Different Fitting Types for an IBC tank

Now you know how to measure your IBC tank thread, we’re going to show you how some of the adaptors can be used, and how to install them.

Female to Male Camlock Adaptor (Part A)

First, here’s Part A of the female to male Camlock Adaptor (pictured below).

Part A Camlock for IBC S60 X 6 Female Thread

Above is an example of an S60X6 to male cam, and this fitting is available in a few sizes: 100A (1”), 150A (1 ½”), and 200A (2”). Just like we touched on in the blog on how to measure and attach the IBC fittings, it simply screws straight onto the IBC valve before being ready to attach to a cam (see below).

How to Attach Part A Camlock to IBC

Female to Female Camlock Adaptor (Part D)

Next up is a Part D, which is a Female-to-Female Camlock Adaptor (see below).

Part D Camlock for an IBC Tank S60x60 Female Thread

Again, we have an S60X6, available in 2” only, and is ready to simply screw on like the Part A Camlock female thread (see below).

2" S60X6 Part D Camlock for an IBC Female Thread

Female Thread by Female Thread

Next, we have a Female Thread-by-Female thread (see below).

Female BSP S60x6 Female Thread IBC Fitting

The Female Thread-by-Female Thread comes in S60X6 by 2” BSP with the options for fittings being: 1 ½” or 2” with either a BSP or NPS thread. Like the other fittings, this simply screws onto the IBC container (see below).

Female Thread by Female Thread S60x6 by 2" BSP IBC Fitting

Male Thread by Female Thread

The Male Thread-by-Female Thread fittings are available in the following sizes: ¾”, 1”, 1 ½”, and 2” (see below).

Male Thread by Female Thread

All the different-sized Male Thread-by-Female Thread fittings come in BSP & NPS meaning you can attach any other fitting of the same size straight onto your IBC. The fitting process is simply just a case of screwing it on (see below).

Attach Male Thread by Female Thread IBC Fitting

Female Thread-by-Hosetail

If you want to attach a hose directly to your IBC, you need a fitting with a hosetail; this fitting as you can see is a Female-by-Hosetail (see below).

Camlock Fitting with Hose Tail S60X6 Female IBC Fitting

This particular fitting is available in 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½” and 2”, and you can screw it on very easily (see below).

IBC Garden Hose Kit 

Finally, there are instances when it’s necessary to attach an IBC to a garden hose and we have just the thing. This garden hose kit comes as one complete kit, so you won’t need to buy anything else (see below).

IBC Garden Hose Kit with Female Thread

Like all the other fittings, this simply screws straight onto the IBC as usual and then you can just attach your garden hose (see below).

Attach an IBC Garden Hose Kit to IBC Valve

So, there you have it, you’ve now seen a few adaptors from the range, from female threads to hose fittings.

For more information on these fittings, please check the following free pdf downloads:

IBC Thread Connectivity Guide

IBC Adaptors & Couplers Data Sheet

IBC Vents & Valves Data Sheet

IBC Drum Dispensing System: DrumQuik Data Sheet

IBC Dust Caps & Seals Data Sheet

Or why not visit our IBC Fittings products section to see the wide range of fittings we stock.

Please be advised that we also manufacture a range of special solutions, some of which you may not find online. If you are looking for extended fittings or anything out of the ordinary, please get in touch - the chances are we can help! 

Call the Sales Team on 01235 512500, chat with us live online, or email us via sales@actionsealtite.com