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Unlocking the Extraordinary Versatility of Camlock Fittings!

Unlocking the Extraordinary Versatility of Camlock Fittings!

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Camlock fittings, also known as cam and groove couplings, are designed to provide a secure connection between hoses or pipes. While they offer a reliable and efficient way to connect and disconnect fluid transfer systems.

Camlock fittings rely on a male adapter and a female coupler with cam arms that lock together to form a connection. The primary purpose of these fittings is to facilitate the quick and easy connection of hoses or pipes, allowing for fluid transfer without the need for tools or complicated procedures.

Are camlock fittings watertight? Although camlock fittings provide a reasonably secure connection, they are not typically intended for applications requiring a completely water-tight seal. They are more commonly used in industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, petroleum, and chemical handling, where a high degree of watertightness is not necessarily critical.

Cam and groove couplings are the most cost-effective cam solution available. This, coupled with their easy-to-use design, makes them the most widely used coupling in the world and one of our core products. Based in Oxfordshire (UK), Action Sealtite has been manufacturing and distributing camlock fittings UK and worldwide since the company began over 35 years ago. It, therefore, comes as no surprise, that the world-famous brands Snaplock® and EcoCam are both made and distributed by us, Action Sealtite.

We make our camlocks to the recommended International Approved Standards. All our fittings are subject to a strict quality control system. When you buy Snaplock camlock fittings from us, you can rest assured, they are traceable, auditable, reliable, and health and safety compliant. Due to the quality of the materials used, and the superior manufacturing, they always stand the test of time.

If you require a water-tight seal, especially for applications involving pressurized systems or where leakage could cause significant issues, other types of fittings, such as threaded connections or flanges, may be more suitable. It's important to consider the specific requirements of your application and consult with experts or professionals to ensure you select the appropriate fittings for your needs.

So, contact us today on +44 (0)1235 512500 or email sales@actionsealtite.com to find the most suitable solution for your media transfer needs.