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Unravelling the Mystery Behind Your Dripping Camlock Fitting

Unravelling the Mystery Behind Your Dripping Camlock Fitting!

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Why might my camlock fitting be leaking? 

There could be several reasons why a camlock fitting might be leaking. Here are some potential causes: 

  1. Improper connection: Camlock fittings rely on a secure connection between the male and female parts. If they are not properly engaged or locked together, it can result in leaks. Ensure that both parts are fully engaged and locked in place. 

  1. Damaged or worn seals: Camlock fittings usually have rubber or elastomeric seals that create a watertight connection. If these seals are damaged, worn out, or incorrectly installed, they may not provide an effective seal, leading to leaks. Check the condition of the seals and replace them if necessary. 

  1. Over-tightened or under-tightened fittings: Tightening the fittings too much or too little can cause leaks. Over-tightening can damage the seals or distort the mating surfaces, while under-tightening may not provide a sufficient seal. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for the appropriate torque or tightening procedure. 

  1. Debris or foreign objects: If there is debris, dirt, or foreign objects present on the sealing surfaces, it can prevent a proper seal from forming. Thoroughly clean both the male and female parts of the camlock fitting and ensure there are no obstructions before connecting them. 

  1. Misaligned or damaged fittings: If the fittings themselves are misaligned, bent, or damaged, it can prevent a tight seal. Inspect the fittings for any signs of damage and ensure they are properly aligned during connection. 

  1. Incompatible or mismatched fittings: Camlock fittings come in various sizes, types, and materials. Using incompatible or mismatched fittings can result in leaks. Make sure you are using the correct fitting size and material for your specific application. 

 If you have checked these potential causes and the fitting continues to leak, it might be advisable to give us a call to assess the fitting and offer you replacements or alternative solutions.

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