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Action Sealtite and Alco Valves have teamed up to supply high-pressure valves. Alco are a manufacturer based in the UK and are part of the Graco Company.

Both companies started as family businesses and today maintain this important cultural attitude to its customers. Alco has one clear vision – to make better valves.

We agree that the best products are created from a place of passion, a true and real interest, and with a need to succeed. 

Alco manufactures an extensive range of technically advanced, high integrity valve products, with pressure ratings of up to 10,000 PSI, suitable for just about any application.

The products are made in the UK. We confidently supply these products knowing they are of the highest quality and follow the most stringent of quality control checks. For you, it means we’re able to provide accountability and absolute material traceability. Peace of mind for any Specifier, Health & Safety Officer, or Procurement Manager.

With agreements in place with many oil and gas majors, and significant investment in on-going Research and Development, Alco Valves has proven its place as a market leader and is set to stay ahead of the curve.

Our MD says “We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Alco Valves & Graco INC, which unites specialist manufacturers with a specialist distribution partner.

Together we will deliver high quality American and European Manufactured products, underpinned by premium customer service. We are looking forward to working closely with Alco and Graco in a long term partnership which delivers customer satisfaction across a range of products and industries, and that creates another success story in all our long and extensive histories.”

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