DIN Coupling Systems - Storz Coupling and Guillemin Coupling



Roman Seliger

DIN unions (Deutsche Industrial Norm) are originally from Germany, they are standard fittings and are used in conjunction with German and other European fluid transfer equipment. A coupling referred to as metric, usually means a DIN coupling. They are ideal for the transfer of liquid with large flowrates. A common application for the three groups of DIN fittings we supply into is firefighting equipment – the French and German standards vary slightly and so please speak to our technical team here on +44 (0)1235 512500 to ensure we can quote you for the appropriate fitting or click here to contact us.

There are three main ranges of DIN Coupling Action Sealtite supply:

Storz - German origin – Used in both firefighting and industrial applications

Gullimin Symetrique -  French Origin – also mainly used in firefighting and industrial environments

Roman Seliger -  German Origin - A type of coupling more suited to chemical handling.

We are able to offer competitive pricing on all of our DIN coupling ranges, call today for your no obligation quote +44 (0)1235 512500 or email sales@actionsealtite.com alternatively click here to contact us. We also offer trade discounts for large quantity orders- click here to read all about us at Action Sealtite.


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