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About Hose Clamps, Mikalor, Band-It & More

We have on offer a broad range of industrial hose clamps from premium T-bolt to heavy-duty double bolt clamps available in a wide variety of configurations.

We have top name brands in stock, including Mikalor, Powerflex, Band-it, Roman Seliger and Ludecke covering single and double bolt band clamps, high pressure hose clamps, safety clamps and heavy duty double bolt clamps to name but a few.

Our range of industrial clamps can be used over a broad spectrum of applications when clamping hose assemblies in manufacturing, agriculture, hydraulics, general engineering, chemical and food processing, and many more industries.

What is a hose clamp and when should I use it?

A hose clamp is used to hold a fitting in the end of a hose. It sits on the outside of the hose and by tightening the bolt, or bolts, it compresses the hose onto the fittings multi serrated, double ribbed or smooth hosetail to ensure a secure assembly. Materials include plated steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

Our Band-it range of band and buckles can also be used to secure hose, pipe, poles, and cables and other multi-clamping functions by means of a metal strap-band.

How do I use them?

Modern hoses vary greatly in composition, diameter and thickness. Care should be taken to ensure that the correct clamp is used to suit both the hose and the fitting. Finger type clamps should be fitted so the clamp finger overlaps the hose tail collar without meeting the hose tail itself. Double bolt clamps should also leave a consistent gap each side when tightened.


Our range of Mikalor clamps includes the Super Gold (W1), Super Ferritic (W2), and Supra 304 stainless steel hose clamps (W4). All from 17mm to 252mm. Mikalor clamps have bevelled edges to reduce the wear and tear of the hose and the band bridge protects and reinforces the articulated tensioning system.

Commonly used in hose assembly, manufacturing, agriculture, hydraulics, general engineering and chemical & food processing industries, Mikalor clamps are easy to use and good quality.

Check with our sales team for the recommended torque tightening values and working pressures.

Double Bolt Clamps

The double bolt clamp is designed for applications where high pressures and greater strengths are required. The double bolt clamp system provides a greater size range and wider band widths. Larger sizes can be produced to meet specific needs.

Double bolt clamps are available in two materials:  galvanised (also known as plated steel) and 316 stainless steel. The stainless steel hose clamps are acid and sea water resistant.

Band It

Band-It buckles and preformed clamps are universally recognized as efficient, easy to use and superior in quality.

On land, sea, over the water and in the air, clamps made with band it products are used all over the world. The Band-it clamping system is so versatile that it can be used for a wide range of hose assemblies and many other diverse applications.

Roman Seliger

The Roman Seliger reusable clamps incorporate a lip that is designed to engage behind an annular security collar on the hose stem. This prevents hose ‘blow off. 

The clamps are heavily under-ribbed. To provide excellent grip and when correctly selected and fitted the hose is compressed between the hosetail and the clamp in a similar fashion to a swaged fitting.

Roman Seliger clamps are a streamlined design and the bolts sit in a recess, which leaves no projections to snag or injure an operator. These are available as aluminium, brass or as stainless steel clamps.

HP Safety Clamps (HPC)

The HP Safety clamps are reusable and robust. The principle feature is the extended finger boss or protrusion, which is designed to engage behind the annular security collar of the male or female coupling. The clamps are interlocking and under ribbed to provide a secure grip on the hose. The clamps incorporate a ‘bolt shelf’ for one-handed spanner tightening. Alternative sizes are available to suit hoses of various outside diameters and each clamp is clearly marked with the outside diameter coupling size and part number. Clamps up to ¾” size have two bolts, 1” and above have four bolts. These clamps should leave a consistent gap between the clamp halves when tightened. For example they should not ‘bottom out’.

Double Bolt Heavy Duty Hose Clamps

Sizes up to DBC76 are intended for compressed air services and widely used on compressor hoses. These heavy-duty double bolt clamps are constructed in plated malleable iron ideal for heavier industrial applications. The clamps are fitted with spacers which prevent the hose being pinched between the two clamp halves and aiding a full circumference hose grip. These clamps should leave a consistent gap between the clamp halves when tightened. For example they should not ‘bottom out’.

Whether you need flexibility, strength, quick adjustment, durability, or reliability, you can rest assure our comprehensive line of hose clamps includes a solution for your application. Call our team for further information:  01235 512500

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