IBC Fittings

Part A - Adaptor with Female Thread

Dust Cap

Female Buttress Inlet x Male Outlet

Female Swivelling Thread x Female Thread

Female BSP & NPS x Female Buttress

Part A - Adaptor with Female Buttress

Female BSP & NPS x Male Buttress

Female BSP x Male Drum Thread


Hose Tail x Female Coupler

Hose Tail x Female Buttress

Male BSP & NPS x Female Buttress

Male BSP x Male Buttress

Part D - Coupler with Female Thread

S100 Female Buttress with male BSP

S60 Male Buttress x S92 Female Buttress

S60 Male Buttress with S100 Female Buttress

IBC Garden Hose Kit

About our IBC Fittings

Our IBC tank fittings are purposely designed to ensure ease of use and a safe and secure operation for the off-loading of IBC tanks. IBC tanks usually feature valves with buttress type threads. The standard buttress thread output on the bottle or the valve is based on the German DIN standard DIN6131:1989 and by using buttress female threaded adaptors, you can then convert any IBC valve quickly into either a cam coupling system, a threaded end or use it directly with various sized hoses. This can normally be achieved easily and with just one adaptor.

Our IBC tank fittings are compatible with the vast majority of products transported within IBC tanks with excellent chemical resistance. They are lightweight and cost effective and there are over 30 different adaptors available as well as ‘step-down’ hose inserts.

IBC Container Fittings for Special Applications

We stock a wide range of IBC tank fittings for all kinds of applications. Struggling with a one-piece fixed female-to-female thread socket? The unique IBC fittings called, ‘Swivel-it’, resolves the issue where connectors are difficult to screw and connect in any direction. Call us for more information on how we can help find you the right solution.

IBC Adaptors:

Vents IBC pressure and vent products will protect your container and valuable commodity without the need to remove the top. Moulded in glass reinforced polypropylene with stainless steel springs gives excellent chemical resistance.

What is an IBC?

An IBC tank is a rigid composite container moulded from Polyethylene and sits on a pallet surrounded within a cage. IBC’s are 1000 litre mobile containers the size of which sits between a drum and a large tank. The term IBC stands for ‘Intermediate Bulk Container’ and is designed to be moved around either on a pallet or lifted by forklift. They are reusable and typically used for the storage and transportation of bulk liquid or powdered substances such as food & drink, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and solvents.

Accessories for IBC Container Fittings

We also stock a range of accessories to provide you with a complete solution. Check out our IBC dust caps and IBC Gaskets.

Our primary goals are to provide the end user with an off-load system which is quick, secure, easy to maintain, compatible with the vast majority of products and that integrate easily with existing equipment at a cost effective price.  

Call us for additional advise to make sure you get the right IBC connectors for your application:

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