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About our Water Fittings

Action Sealtite's range of polypropylene, lugged and threaded couplings are moulded to the highest standards in the UK under a quality management system approved by the BSI. With an on-going quality improvement program using state-of-the-art computer technology, we can offer the best possible product available.

All threads designated BSP of this type are based on the dimension and tolerances as specified in the international standard ISO 228 (BS 2779;1973) for parallel threads. There is no standard for the URT round thread, however we do base this thread on the British Standard BS 336 for tolerances. This product has many industrial applications up to 150 PSI (10 bar) and benefits from being very cost effective.

For all of your wash down needs we supply a range of equipment that is perfect for any industry with everything from high-pressure nozzles to hoses and couplings. Our range of wash-down guns is of high quality and competitively priced. These water guns are constructed to withstand the daily demand and severe service conditions that exist in large industrial and food processing environments. Our water coupling range includes Dyros water couplings, Geka Style couplings and Lugged couplings. 

‘Geka’ fittings are most commonly used in conjunction with water lines in the irrigation industry, construction, agriculture and horticulture. Made of Brass, the formed claws provide maximum security against accidental opening. As the connecting heads are the same on all parts, hose and threads of all dimensions can be connected together with no adaptors being required.

The Dyros connectors are designed for industrial water applications as well as high-pressure water inlets, plumbing installations. When connected to our wash-down guns, they offer a highly efficient wash-down facility. The Dyros 100 Series is the most popular hose connector on the market. Machined from extruded Brass bar with Industrial Chrome Plate finish and incorporating only rust free components. The seal is Nitrile.

The Dyros water hose connectors Series 100- 2000-3000 is designed for industrial water applications as well as high pressure water inlets, plumbing installations and when connected to our wash-down guns offer a highly efficient wash-down facility in factories, garages and abattoirs.