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Geka Fittings

The German company, Karasto, created the GEKA coupling in the early 1930’s, and it was designed and produced as an effective quick release water hose coupling. Originally manufactured in Brass, the GEKA coupling is now available in Stainless Steel and Plastic. Recently a new Brass version has been introduced for drinking water applications. The fitting has a hermaphrodite head, which means that irrespective of the size of the thread or hose tail, the connecting head size remains unchanged which makes it very versatile.

The original Brass GEKA coupling is now widely used in horticulture and commonly found as an irrigation coupling on golf courses and playing fields. The GEKA Claw coupling has good flow rates and is easy to connect and disconnect requiring only a quarter turn to make the connection.


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Quick Fit Geka Coupling 1 1/2" Female Brass



Quick Fit Geka Coupling 1 1/2" Hose Tail Brass



Quick Fit Geka Coupling 1 1/2" Male Brass



Quick Fit Geka Coupling 1 1/4" Female Brass



Quick Fit Geka Coupling 1 1/4" Hose Tail Brass



Quick Fit Geka Coupling 1 1/4" Male Brass



Quick Fit Geka Coupling 1" Female Brass



Quick Fit Geka Coupling 1" Hose Tail Brass



Quick Fit Geka Coupling 1" Male Brass



Quick Fit Geka Coupling 1/2" Female Brass



Showing 18 products

GEKA Fittings, Materials, Type & Working Pressures

  •        The majority of GEKA fittings are quick-connect straight-though couplings with no valve and are produced from forged Brass MS 58.
  •        The connecting claws (or lugs) are ergonomically formed allowing optimum security against accidental opening.
  •        The Brass couplings manufactured for drinking water are produced from forged Brass to CW 617N, DIN 50930/6
  •        Stainless Steel GEKA fittings are made to 1.4571

The standard maximum working pressure is PN 25 bar.

GEKA Fittings Threads, Seals & Working Temperature

As discussed in a previous blog post (Choosing Ball Valve Temperature Rating), the seals within a coupling system have a significant impact on the working temperature, since it is these, which have the highest potential to fail, if not matched correctly for heat resistance.

  •        The seals used in the connecting head for the standard Brass GEKA coupling are made from EPDM
  •        Working temperature of up to +95 deg C 
  •        Seals in the Brass GEKA fittings for drinking water have a temperature range of -30 deg to +90 deg C
  •        Stainless Steel GEKA fittings come with FKM Seals with a rating of -20 deg C to +160 deg C

All threads are manufactured to ISO 228.

What Sizes Are Available?

Standard GEKA Brass Range:

  •        Hose Tails start at 1/8” through to 1 ½”
  •        Male and Female cover sizes from ¼” through to 1 ½”
  •        Blank caps are also available                           

There is a slightly narrower range of sizes available for the Brass drinking water couplings and Stainless Steel. If you need further advise on what is available and you can’t see what you’re looking for here, call us on 01235 512500 where we will be able to advise.

How Do GEKA Fittings Work?

Coupling GEKA Fittings is a quick and simple process. The distance between the claws (lugs) is the same for all sizes and all materials, at 40mm. The two halves of the couplings are pressed together and quarter turned to make the connection. To disconnect just twist in the opposite direction. It is a very simple process and does not need significant force to achieve the connection or disconnection.

For more information on any of the GEKA Fittings range, or any other quick release water hose coupling, please get in touch with our Sales Team on 01235 512500 

GEKA Fittings & Water Couplings Data Sheets