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Saflok Safety Locking Camlock Fittings | Action Sealtite

Saflok - Safety Locking Camlock Fittings

Saflok is a locking camlock fitting created to deal with high-value and high-risk liquid chemicals. A modified camlock fitting features an automatic locking system built into the cam arms. This enables it to be used just like a standard camlock but with the added security of it locking into place so it cannot be accidently opened once closed. Saflok couplings will assist in the prevention of spillage of expensive and hazardous materials during the product transfer process.


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Camlock Fitting Part C 1.25" Female Coupler with Serrated Hose Tail



Part B 1 1/2" Female Coupler with Male Thread



Part B 1 1/4" Female Coupler with Male Thread



Part B 1" Female Coupler with Male Thread



Part B 1/2 Female Coupler with Male Thread



Part B 2 Female Coupler with Male Thread



Part B 3 Female Coupler with Male Thread



Part B 3/4" Female Coupler with Male Thread



Part C 1 1/2" Female Coupler with Serrated Hose Tail



Part C 1" Female Coupler with Serrated Hose Tail



Showing 41 products

Saflok - Safety Locking Camlock Fittings

Take a look at our Ultimate Guide to Camlock Fittings! 

How is a Saflok Coupling used?

Locking camlock fittings work in almost exactly the same way as a standard camlock, so to change them over is simple. No tools are required and this means your staff will not need expensive specialist training in order to use the equipment, you don’t need to invest in additional hand tools and of course, health and safety compliance is easily met. 

Easy Operation 

  • Handles automatically lock into the body when closed
  • Handles will stay closed until you release them - this means that the possibility of accidental disconnect is eliminated
  • To open, pull the finger rings and the handles will open in the normal way

What Applications?

Locking camlock fittings such as Saflok can be used in conjunction with pipe, hose, tubing, and tanks carrying liquids, granules, or solids in suspension. 

What Industries use Saflok?

Chemical processing benefits most from these types of fittings. Specifically for liquid chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fuels, cosmetics, foodstuffs, inks, adhesives, dyes, particularly where safety and costs are important.

Why is Saflok better?

Traceability. We mark each one of the Saflok camlock fittings with a heat mark in order that the raw material used can be identified and tracked back to production if necessary. 

Saflok Couplings are a locking cam & groove fitting! The added safety provided by the locking mechanism makes a Saflok coupling the best choice for a medium pressure application where vibrations, movement, or motion are a factor. 


  • Material: Stainless Steel with Buna Nitrile seals
  • Other seals are available on request
  • Available Options 
  • Part B, Part C, Part CRS with RS style hose tail, Part D, Part DC, Part DU DIN 2828 
  • Please note that all 1/2” fittings have a 3/4" Camlock bodies

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