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Hose Clamps | Aluminium, Iron & Stainless | Action Sealtite

Hose Clamps

There are literally thousands of options when it comes to hose clamps and clips, and we stock hundreds of them. With so many options, how do you choose the right one? Browse the information below to guide you through some of the considerations you should take into account, or call the sales office for more information on 01235 512500.

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1" TRI CLAMP (1” to 1.5” NB)



1/2" & 3/4" TRI CLAMP



2" TRI CLAMP (1.25 TO 1.5" NB)



Double Bolt Clamp (Loose Saddles) 115-145mm



Double Bolt Clamp (Loose Saddles) 77 - 94mm



Double Bolt Clamp (Loose Saddles) 113 - 127mm



Double Bolt Clamp (Loose Saddles) 127 - 140mm



Double Bolt Clamp (Loose Saddles) 140 - 154mm



Double Bolt Clamp (Loose Saddles) 155 - 175mm



Double Bolt Clamp (Loose Saddles) 175-195mm



Showing 247 products

Choosing the Right Hose Clamp

Low-Medium Pressure (Bolt Clamps, Band Clamps & Linear Clamps)

Single Bolt Band Clamps   

Single bolt clamps are re-useable. However, before reusing any type of clamp, it is vital that they are checked and in good condition. These hose clamps are called Single Bolt Clamps because unsurprisingly they fix in place with one bolt across a band of metal. This is why they are also called Band Clamps. These come in all sizes from 17mm up to 252mm. Check our Mikalor Clamps range. Available materials include W1, W2, W4, and W5.

Need a larger size? The next size up is the Double Bolt Clamps range.

Double Bolt Band Clamps

Double Bolt Clamps are another member of the Band Clamp family, but feature two bolts instead of one, because of their greater size. These come in a wider range of sizes than single bolt clamps, although there is some overlap in the sizes available across the two ranges. These clamps are built to suit hose OD’s from 60-70mm up to 350-365mm and are available in either Plated or Stainless Steel.  

Handling Larger Sized Requirements:  Linear, Bolted Hose Clamps

So, you’re looking for a solution for a much larger application? Another option for low-medium pressure applications would be a Linear Hose Clamp. Linear clamps can be joined together in series, providing a bespoke-sized solution. This is very often a tactic used on extremely large ducting.

What Materials do Linear Hose Clamps Come in?

Linear clamps come in Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel Plated options and so the only consideration, is are they going outside or inside? Refer to the next section for advice on the material for each application.

What Material is Suitable for my Application?

Carbon Steel Plated

This is the most cost-effective material. You may want to consider using this material if the assemblies are to be used in areas protected from the elements to some extent. This is because the protective plating will deteriorate over time, particular outside.  

Stainless Steel

On external applications, including marine and chemical, or applications considered being aggressive environments; you may want to consider Stainless Steel. These are much more durable and longer lasting.

Medium-High Pressure:  Hose Clamps for Compressed Air & Fluid Applications

Malleable Iron - Double Bolt Clamps

Malleable Iron Double Bolt Clamps, are produced from this material because it allows the clamp halves to bend when being assembled making sure that they form around the circumference of the hose and insert. They cover hose OD’s from 17mm through to 250mm. Smaller sizes are supplied with fixed ears and larger sizes have loose saddles. These stop the hose from being pinched when assembled. The smaller sized hose clamps are commonly used on compressed air hose in conjunction with claw couplings. Larger sizes are used in a wide range of industrial applications including fluid, air, and gasses. With all applications, hose assemblies using this style of clamp, should be inspected regularly to confirm the integrity of the hose, the insert, and the clamp.

SK Clamps – Hose Clamps with Ears

SK Series Malleable Iron clamps are similar to the standard Malleable Iron clamps in construction but have the added feature of 'fingers'. These fit behind the annular collar found on some hose tails particularly, air pressure or claw couplings. When assembled correctly this safety feature prevents ‘blow-off’ (which is where the insert is forced out of the hose under pressure). They are available in sizes 13mm through to 75mm and widely use on compressed air assemblies.

High-Pressure Air - Clamps for Steam Hose

Steam is, as we know, hot and pressurised. Steam hose clamps need to be robust and are produced in #35 Steel. They are produced with 'fingers' which fit behind an annular collar on the male and female hose tails which when assembled correctly help prevent “blow-off” under pressure. They are designed to form around the hose OD as they are tightened. Care must be taken when choosing the correct clamp dimensions to suit the hose and inserts being used.

It is not recommended that these clamps are re-used. All high-pressure air and steam hose assemblies and clamps should be checked regularly to make sure there are no potential problems. If the hose assembly has been used with steam, we would advise that the nuts and bolts are checked and re-tightened if necessary after each use. The variations in temperature on the assembly and fittings mean that the assembly will expand and contract as it cools down so this is why there is significant movement and re-tightening is required.

Roman Seliger Hose Clamps – DIN 2817

Roman Seliger manufacturers a wide range of Aluminium, Brass, and Stainless Steel clamps made to DIN 2817 for use with hose inserts to DIN 2828. This style of hose clamp has ribs inside the clamp halves which when assembled correctly mean that the interference fit is on the outside of the hose rather than the traditional method of having mute-serrations on the hose insert. This can potentially improve the life of the hose.

This system can be used for fluids, air, or gas with working pressures up to 25 bar. Inserts can be bought along-side the clamps and the clamps can be used in conjunction with any DIN 2828 inserts. Male and female inserts are offered in Steel, Stainless Steel, or Brass with the choice of material being based on the media being transferred.

 Care must be taken to choose the correct size of clamp to suit the inserts and hose OD to be used.

Strapping & Band Clamps – Band-It

These types of clamping systems are definitely not re-usable. Once the band is in place and has been tightened to maximum torque the band is then secured with a buckle or lock. From here if you want to remove the clamp for any reason, it must be cut off. It is, therefore, a permanent clamping solution.

There are two main options; the Band-It Band Clamps or Band-It Preformed Clamps. The bands are the more cost-effective of the two solutions, however, the preformed versions come ready assembled and they are designed to be quicker and easier to fit. A tool is required in order to tighten the bands to the desired torque.

 For any further information, please contact our Technical Sales team on 01235 512500

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