Stainless Steel, Aluminium & Iron Clamps

Our range of industrial hose clamps can be used in a broad spectrum of applications when clamping hose assemblies in manufacturing, agriculture, hydraulics, general engineering, chemical and food processing, and many more industries. 

Materials include plated steel, stainless steel or aluminium. Whether it is a heavy duty hose clamp, doubles bolt clamps, clamps for high pressure applications or safety clamps you are looking for, our stocks are vast and include a solution for most applications.  

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1" TRI CLAMP (1” to 1.5” NB)



1/2" & 3/4" TRI CLAMP



1/2" BAND-IT Buckles Box 100



1/2" BAND-IT Strapping



1/2" x 1 1/2" BAND-IT Jr® Smooth ID Preformed Clamp 201 S/S



1/2" x 1 1/4" BAND-IT Jr® Smooth ID Preformed Clamp 201 S/S



1/2" x 2 1/2" BAND-IT Jr® Smooth ID Preformed Clamp 201 S/S



1/4" x 2 1/2" BAND-IT Jr® Smooth ID Preformed Clamp 201 S/S



2" TRI CLAMP (1.25 TO 1.5" NB)



3/4" BAND-IT Buckles Box 100



Showing 262 products

Available Materials

  • Aluminium 
  • Steel 
  • Iron
  • Stainless Steel 201
  • Stainless Steel 304
  • Stainless Steel 316
  • Stainless Steel 316L

How do I use hose clamps?

A hose clamp is used to hold a fitting in the end of a hose. It sits on the outside of the hose and by tightening the bolt, or bolts. It compresses the hose onto the fitting’s multi serrated, double ribbed or smooth hosetail to ensure a secure assembly. Modern hoses vary greatly in composition, diameter and thickness. Care should be taken to ensure that the correct clamp is used to suit both the hose and the fitting. Finger type clamps should be fitted so the clamp finger overlaps the hose tail collar without meeting the hose tail itself. Double bolt clamps should also leave a consistent gap each side when tightened.

We are able to advise you on the size of hose clamp suitable for your hose and application. Call +44(0) 1235 512500 to talk to our Technical Sales Team and if possible, have the hose to hand along with either a ruler or vernier.