Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I find the dimensions for your camlock couplings?
Dimensions can be found within the specifications of the individual products on the site, or within their relevant technical documents which you can download free from the Information Centre when you register with the site. Please contact us if any information is unclear.
How can I check what materials are compatible with the media I am using?
There are chemical compatibility charts including a Chemical Resistance Quick Reference and other useful links in the Information Centre.
Are you able to design or produce special variations of your products to suit my requirements?
We are always pleased to look at special requirements and a large proportion of our production results from such work. We would suggest you Contact Us with as much information as is available and we will gladly come back to you with a proposal if this is within our scope of manufacture.
Where is my nearest source of your products?
We have a comprehensive network of distributors throughout the UK, Europe and other parts of the world. With our wide range of products, we suggest that you Contact Us first to ensure that you are recommended to a distributor who specialises in your product requirement.
What certification is available?
Most products are sold with a Certificate of Conformity as standard. Material certificates and/or DIN 2.1.b certificates can also be supplied on request. DIN 3.1.b certificates can also be provided but this will affect price and delivery and must be requested at the enquiry stage and confirmed when ordering. You should Contact Us for any special certification or product test requirements you have.