Air Hose Couplers & Claw Fittings

We offer a wide range of competitively priced high quality air hose couplings (claw couplings) as well as air hoses and air hose restraints (known as whipchecks). Our range also includes many products from the Ludecke range. The three main categories are the European standard (BSP Threaded) ‘Q’ type claw coupling, which is available in either standard or as a ‘Safeloc’ (safety version with pins), or we also supply the American standard (NPT threaded) ‘Universal’ claw type coupling (also known as a crows foot fitting).


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1" Ludecke Claw Female BSP ST



1" Ludecke Claw Male BSP ST



1" Q Type Female BSP M.I.



1" Q Type Male BSP M.I.



1" Safeloc Female BSP M.I



1" Safeloc Male BSP M.I



1" Universal Female NPT M.I



1" Universal Male NPT M.I



1/2" Ludecke Claw Hosetail ST



1/2" Ludecke Claw Male BSP ST



Showing 58 products

Claw type air hose couplings are specifically designed for use with compressed air applications. They can be used to connect airlines and hoses with air powered tools and other industrial equipment. Connected by simply twisting the identical halves of the claw coupling together, they are available with hosetail, male and female threads.

Commonly found in many applications for industries, such as oil refineries, chemical plants, offshore rigs, construction and many more.

Product Range Overview

European Standard (BSP Threaded) ‘Q’ Claw Coupling – DIN 3489

  • Interchangeable with all other existing ‘Q’ type couplings
  • Suitable for low to medium compressed air applications
  • System used worldwide for compressed air in construction and industry
  • Locking head has the ‘Double Lock’ safety feature - common to all sizes
  • Allows simple cross connection on all parts irrespective of size, hose or thread.

 ‘Safeloc’ European Standard (BSP Threaded) Couplings by Ludecke

  • Safety coupling with a ‘Pin Lock’ feature to prevent accidental disconnection
  • Interchangeable with existing ‘Q’ type European standard claw coupling
  • Locking head conforms to European standard design
  • Security collar on the hose stem for use with double bolt clamps

American Standard (NPT threaded) ‘Universal’ Couplings

American style quick action compressed air coupler fittings, also known as:

  • Air King
  • Chicago Type
  • Lindy
  • Crows foot fitting

The American standard universal claw couplings are interchangeable with other fittings of the same standard.

  • The locking head conforms to the American standard design
  • Incorporates a special ‘Pin Lock’ safety feature to ensure positive locking and to prevent accidental disconnection
  • Security collar featured on the hose stem for double bolt clamps

We recommend using our whipcheck cables for added safety when joining compressed air hoses together. Other materials for specialist applications are also available. Please browse this section for further air pressure fittings or call us more details:  +44 (0)1235 512500