Quick Release Couplings & Quick Fittings

Quick Release Couplings for Fast, Reliable Connections 

We are a leading supplier of quick release couplings, and stock a vast variety of fittings within this range. Quick release couplings are sometimes referred to as Quick Disconnects (QD's) or Quick Connects and are designed for the fast, tool-free, connection of hose and pipelines. The quick disconnect coupling can be used as hydraulics fittings, hydraulic hose fittings, pneumatic fittings, or for general process engineering quick coupling.

These fittings can be used to replace threaded and flanged connections, saving time and money. The options include single shut-off versions which are valved and unvalved versions known as 'straight-through' couplings. Valved Quick Connects, self-seal on disconnection preventing costly spillage of fluid or gas. 

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1 1/2" Tema T Series Brass Coupler HP Valved NBR Seal



1 1/2" Tema T Series HP Brass Coupler Valved FKM Seal

15011 V


1 1/2" Tema T Series NBR Seal Kit



1 1/2" Tema T Series NP Brass Plug Valved FKM Seal

15021 V


1 1/2" Tema T Series Stainless Steel Plug Unvalved

15020 RUV


1 1/2" Tema T Series Stainless Steel Plug Valved FKM Seal

15020 RV


1 1/2" Tema T Series ZP Steel Plug Unvalved No Seal

15020 UV


1 1/2" Tema T Series ZP Steel Plug Valved FKM Seal

15020 V


1 1/2" Tema T Series ZP Steel Plug Valved NBR Seal



1" Tema T Series Brass Coupler Valved FKM Seal

10011 V


Showing 510 products

Where & When are Quick Release Couplings Used?

Quick Release Couplings (also known as QD couplings) are commonly found in hydraulic, pneumatic, agricultural, medical, construction, food processing, transportation and medical industries. Applications range from hydraulic and fuel systems to cooling, test rigs, air tools and irrigation.

Using a quick release coupling will allow users to speed up system inspection and maintenance procedures without having to vent hydraulic systems. Self-sealing couplings mean that operatives can avoid the need for re-priming or bleeding air from closed lines, saving time and also offering a more cost-effective solution. Quick connect couplings are used in areas of frequent disassembly, repair, or to isolate components or sub-systems for troubleshooting.

Quick Release Couplings Basic Features & Materials 

Available materials include corrosion resistant steel, stainless steel, brass, and aluminium and can support vacuums and high pressures.

We also stock dust caps and plugs for quick release couplings to help keep systems clean and prevent damage to the coupling sealing surfaces. 

For further technical information, please check the downloads below, or visit our Information Centre for data sheets on our full range of Quick Release Couplings and all other major product groups. You can also call our sales office on +44 (0)1235 512500

Quick Release Couplings Data Sheets