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Steam Hose Fittings

What are Steam Coupling Systems?

HP Coupling Systems are designed for use with steam and especially high-pressure compressed air. Steam fittings can also be used in conjunction with other high-pressure systems or within hazardous applications requiring a safety coupling and clamp assembly.

Steam is highly dangerous and every care should be taken to fit the correct size of safety clamp to the hose in use in order to prevent ‘blow-off’. If in doubt, you must consult an experienced hose distributor or call our team.


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1 1/2" Female Hose Stem Steel



1 1/2" GJ Female Spud BSP Steel



1 1/2" HP Female Assembly BSP Steel



1 1/2" HP Female Assembly NPT Steel



1 1/2" Male Stem BSP Steel



1 1/2" Male Stem NPT Steel



1 1/4" Female Hose Stem Steel



1 1/4" GJ Female Spud BSP Steel



1 1/4" HP Female Assembly NPT Steel



1 1/4" Male Stem BSP Steel



Showing 39 products

How are Steam Hose Fittings Used?

This reusable, rugged coupling series can be fitted or re-attached in the field without special equipment.

To safely drain high-pressure hose fittings with valve type fittings, you have two options available: 

  • Allow media to cool down completely
  • Remove the valve
  • Carefully disconnect and drain the water


  • Allow media to cool completely
  • Insert a spare plug into the coupler end of the assembly, and roll the hose towards the open end to drain the water

Used in conjunction with rubber steam hose and connected by attaching the fittings around and hose and bolting it into place. 

Where are They Used? 

High-pressure hose fittings are used for compressed air (mostly larger sizes), in quarrying, mining, pile driving, as well as other service duties, and LPG, grouting and other volatile liquid applications. 

What Industries use Steam Fitting Systems?

Steam hose fittings are used in oil refineries, chemical plants, and other factories using steam as an essential service. 

When Shouldn’t I use a Steam Hose Coupling?

Because steam is an extremely dangerous medium, great care and consideration should be taken when choosing steam hose fittings. This is to ensure that the correct hose, high-pressure fittings, and in turn, clamping solutions are provided to meet your specific requirements. If you are unsure as to what pressure rating, temperature, static or dynamic flexing, or abrasion will affect your application, please consult our sales office for technical advice.

Product specifications:

  • Steam Clamps up to 3⁄4” size have two bolts and 1” clamps have four bolts
  • Sizes from ½”/13mm – 2”/50mm
  • Material #35 Steel (Cast)
  • Threads BSP or NPT

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Warning! Figures given are as guidance only.

Service conditions, hose construction, and the manner in which the high-pressure fittings, couplings, and clamps are fitted will usually be the determining factors.

Steam Hose Fittings Data Sheet