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Air Hose

Air Hose & Anti-Static Air Hose 

The Air Hose we supply is extremely versatile and hardwearing and suitable for a number of different applications. Despite being called ‘air hose’, it is suitable for both air and water in certain circumstances. The Mandrel Built Black Air Hose available here, can handle water and water-based slurries in general industry, civil engineering and agricultural settings as well being built for heavy-duty air applications such as compressors. A full list of suitable applications can be seen below. We also supply an antistatic version with a rubber cover, which is ideal for usage where the hose is likely dragged along the floor and requires a more robust construction.  


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Anti-Static BS2050 Black Air Hose Bar 6mm x 14mm



Anti-Static BS2050 Black Air Hose 20 Bar 10mm x 18mm



Anti-Static BS2050 Black Air Hose 20 Bar 13mm x 22mm



Anti-Static BS2050 Black Air Hose 20 Bar 19mm x 30mm



Anti-Static BS2050 Black Air Hose 20 Bar 25mm x 36mm



Anti-Static BS2050 Black Air Hose 20 Bar 8mm x 16mm



Mandrel Built Black Air and Water Rubber Hose 13mm x 22mm



Mandrel Built Black Air and Water Rubber Hose 19mm x 28mm



Mandrel Built Black Air and Water Rubber Hose 25mm x 35mm



Mandrel Built Black Air and Water Rubber Hose 32mm x 46mm



Showing 13 products

Why Quality Air Hose Matters 

Quality air hose can mean the difference between stable air pressure or not when used as part of a compressed air assembly. It is also key to ensuring a tight seal and consistent power output. In order to make sure your tools and equipment are performing to the highest potential make sure that the air hose you select is suitable for the pressure you need it to operate at and that the construction materials are robust enough for your application. Failure to specify the correct pressure ratings can lead to air ‘seepage’ if the assembly is overloaded. Another important specification is the temperature range. Using your hose with air that is either too cold or too dry could cause lasting premature damage to the hose and assembly, impairing performance. It is therefore imperative that you source high-quality air hose. 

Air Hose Maintenance 

In some instances it may be possible to repair hose, however, it is always advisable to replace if you spot damage. Replace your hose if:

  • Your fittings are damaged – this could have affected your hose
  • The hose has kinks in it which is preventing the air to flow at the desired pressure  
  • There is visible damage to the hose such as worn covering. This damage can very quickly lead to air leakage as the hose becomes worn or cuts begin to appear 
  • It is old and it is at the end of its lifecycle 

Appropriate Fittings 

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Mandrel Built Black Water & Air Hose – Quick Look! 

Water & Air Hose Applications

  • Airlines or compressors 
  • Delivery of water and water-based slurries 
  • General industrial
  • Civil engineering 
  • Agricultural
  • Heavy-duty air applications such as compressors


  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +70°C
  • Burst Ratio: 3:1
  • Standard Length: 40 metres

Materials & Construction

  • Lining: Oil Mist Resistant SBR Rubber
  • Cover: Cloth Finish Black SBR/EPDM Rubber

Anti-Static Air Hose – Quick Look! 

Anti-Static Air Hose Applications

  • External applications where low temperatures can cause flexing problems with PVC or hybrid hoses
  • Where coupling retention is vital 
  • For heavy duty use or where the hose is likely to be dragged 


  • Available with an antistatic liner for critical applications
  • Burst Ratio 3:1


  • Improved flexibility, particularly in external or low temperatures
  • Better coupling retention due to rubber lining for safer use in application
  • Excellent resistance to external abrasion when being dragged
  • Cost Effective

Materials & Construction 

  • All rubber construction complies with EN2398 specification
  • Lining: Electrically Conductive SBR Rubber
  • Cover: Smooth Black SBR Rubber

For further information, please check the data sheets in the Information Centre 

Or call the Sales Office on 01235 512500 

Air Hose Data Sheets