Valves for Fluid, Gas or Powder Transfer

A World Without Valves?!

Imagine if there were no on/off switches. Imagine if you couldn’t turn a tap off. A world without valves would be chaotic! The ability to effectively stop and start a flow is crucial, particularly when you are handling hazardous or valuable media. We need valves! 

How Does a Valve Work?

A valve is a shut-off mechanism that when switched, blocks the flow of liquid and closes a line. There are a wide range of designs and materials, each suited to different media, pressures or environments. 

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(1SKU) ASL 2" IBC Adaptor with (S60x6) Female Buttress Poly



1 1/2 BSP Female x (S60x6) Female Buttress Poly



1 1/2 BSP Female x (S60x6) Female Swivel Poly



1 1/2" 3 Piece Ball Valve Locking Lever Full Bore BSP SS



1 1/2" Ball Valve Locking Lever BSP BR



1 1/2" Ball Valve Locking Lever BSP SS



1 1/2" Banjo Standard Port Bolted Ball Valve BSP PP



1 1/2" BSP Male x (S60x6) Female Buttress Poly



1 1/2" DRYMATE BSP Female 316 S/S



1 1/2" DRYMATE BSP Female Poly



Showing 781 products

Various type of valve are available. 

We stock a wide range of valves and valved fittings. 

Types of Valves:

  • Ball Valves
  • Needle Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Gate Valves

Many fluid transfer fittings feature incorporated valves. Some come with the option of either a straight through connection or a valved version, such as most of the Quick Release Fittings range, Dry Break Fittings, IBC Fittings, and Airline Fittings

Speak to us about Alco Valves, suitable for high pressure applications such as gas and oil. 

If you would like some advice or help with ordering, please contact our Technical Sales Team on +44(0) 1235 512500 

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