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Air Line Connectors

We stock an extensive range of air line connectors designed for compressed air and water systems as well as liquid and gas.

Products are available to purchase online below, or you can browse further technical information, download the data sheets, or drop us an email


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TST Series 17 Coupler 1/2" Female



TST Series 17 Coupler 1/2" Male



TST Series 17 Coupler 1/4" Female



TST Series 17 Coupler 1/4" Male



TST Series 17 Coupler 10mm Hose



TST Series 17 Coupler 13mm Hose



TST Series 17 Coupler 3/8" Female



TST Series 17 Coupler 3/8" Male



TST Series 17 Coupler 6mm Hose



TST Series 17 Coupler 8mm Hose



Showing 75 products

What Is An Air Line Connector? 

Air line connectors are a range of quick release style couplings specifically designed for use with air tools and air lines. Air line couplings are typically used in applications where the lines need to be connected and disconnected frequently, for example where equipment may be mobile or lines need to be broken frequently.

These fittings are normally valved with a single shut-off mechanism, which is explained in more depth below.

Our range comprises of ‘standard’ industrial air connectors, which characteristically provide high flow rates. This is especially important when used in compressed air applications since the speed and pressure of the airflow is paramount to the design and function of the equipment; usually used in cleaning equipment, machinery, or hydraulics. 

Which Air Line Connector Do I Need? Are They Interchangeable?

The fittings we supply are interchangeable with those offered by manufacturers such as Rectus, Schraeder, Parker, Hansen, Walther and Tema amongst others, making it easier for you when ordering. If a branded product is already in place, our equivalent air line fittings will be fully compatible. Just match the ‘Series Type’, which should be marked on the side of the fitting.

PLEASE NOTE: The standard airline couplings are not used for breathing air apparatus. Please consult the Sales Office for more information +44 (0)1235 512500  

You can check our blog post on how to identify the right airline fitting – coming soon! We will add a link here in the next coming weeks and will include a profile guide so you can visually match your fitting with the correct series via the illustrations. Watch this space!  

How To Connect Air Hose Fittings

These couplings are easy to use. They are ‘quick release’ fittings, so connecting and disconnecting them can be done simply and swiftly. In fact, you can usually do this with one hand, without the use of tools. We’re not even showing off! They are lightweight and compact in design.

To create the connection, the plug is pushed into the socket, which makes the sleeve spring forward and automatically lock into place. When disconnecting the fitting, simply pull the sleeve back and the coupling is disconnected immediately.

Straight-Through, Single Shut-Off or Double Shut-off Connectors 

There are different types of valved (or non-valved) fittings. In this section, we have outlined the different options so you can decide which is best for your application.

  • Straight-Through/Straight-Thu - These couplings have no shut-off valve and so they offer the greatest possible flow rates since, without a valve, there is no obstruction in the flow path
  • Fittings with an integrated valve can often experience a certain level of ‘turbulence’ and that is avoided with this solution. Straight-through couplings are ideal for liquid media – e.g. water. Before unlocking, the flow must be stopped
  • Single Valve Shut-Off - On a single shut-off system, the plug or nipple half is designed ‘straight-through’ without a valve, but the socket half shuts off immediately as soon as the connection is broken. The media stays in one end of the line only. This is an ideal solution for the operation of compressed air tools. It provides the user with more control than a ‘straight-through’ connection
  • Double Valve Shut-Off – As the name might suggest, in this solution, shut-off occurs in both halves of the fitting as soon as it is disconnected. Double shut-off valves stop the flow in both the socket and the plug. The media, therefore, remains safely trapped in both ends of the connecting line and none of the media is lost. This option is especially suitable when transferring aggressive media or in sensitive environments where no spills can be tolerated such as in a clean room

Air Line Fittings Specifications Snapshot

There are many different specifications across this wide range of fittings. Options include:


  • Check the compatibility of your seals with the media you are planning on using
  • For chemical, compatibility check our guide
  • Buna Nitrile seals are supplied as standard with Viton available on request


  • All of the fittings come in Nickel Plated Steel & Nickel Plated Brass as standard
  • Also available in Stainless Steel (Stainless Steel offers high resistance to corrosion, and is specifically designed for liquid or aggressive media)
  • Ask us for advice on the fitting material if you’re unsure


  • Male
  • Female
  • Hosetail


  • 4mm – 13mm

Working Pressures & Temperatures

  • - 20°C to +100°C 1 15 bar (230 PSI)

Coded Systems

If the application demands that, no systems are ‘cross-connected’, coding is always an option. Please ask us for more details on our coded air line connectors.

Maintenance of Air Line Connectors

As with all types of couplings and air hose fittings, if the fittings are in frequent use, we would always recommend thorough and consistent maintenance schedules be implemented. We can assist you with advice on this subject and would be happy to help. Call the team on +44 (0)1235 512500


  • Automotive
  • Aeronautics
  • Mobile Hydraulics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Chemical Technology
  • Safety Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Medical Technology
  • Machinery Construction

Please call us for further information on any of product within this range. Our team are experienced and happy to help. Contact us on +44 (0)1235 512500

Air Line Fittings Data Sheets