What is T6 Heat Treatment and why do we need to make sure our Aluminium Camlock Couplings have it?

T6 Heat Treatment is a two phase process which is applied to aluminium, Copper or Silicon alloys to increase the strength of the alloy by as much as 30%.

Phase one - Quenching

The alloy is heated to 500⁰C for 9-10 hours which causes the copper to dissolve in the aluminium and form the single phase alloy. This is achieved by cooling the alloy rapidly with water which supersaturates the aluminium with copper.

Phase two - Ageing phase

The alloy is heated to 180⁰C for 9-10 hours then cooled by air allowing precipitation hardening. This forms copper aluminium crystalline structures, the size of which will dictate the strength. In general the smaller the crystals the stronger the alloy becomes.